Thursday, February 28, 2008

CHaD Visit Feb 2008

We had to say good bye to Nursey Nicole. She is Meghan's favorite. She is taking a position in New Zealand. Meghan was very sad on her last day.

Lindsey and Meghan

Look at this face.


Yes we just got home from our two week stay at CHaD (Children's Hospital at Dartmouth)
It was a long 2 weeks but Meghan did fabulous. She had lots of treatments, IV antibiotics, physical and respiratory therapies, and some fun. She met a 13 year old girl with CF that had
never been in the hospital and she helped her out alot. We also met a little girl named Lindsey. I have attatched her web page on the side please check it out. She and Meghan (called MEME by Lindsey) became instant friends.

PS April 25th is the 3rd annual "Come Together for CHaD" show in Merrimack. This year all proceeds will go to the Pedi Oncology Dept. in Honor of Meghan's friend Paige that passed away.
More details to come next week.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Meghan, Mommy, and MILEY CYRUS

Ez, Meghan , and MILEY CYRUS

Meghan screaming. Imagine that.

My new friend Debra. She let me drive her cool golf cart. It was AWESOME.

My new friends from Florida that we took with us to the concert.

Ed and Susan Zuckerman of Events Made Ez.

Intercontinental Hotel gave us a Suite, served us cookies and milk and a fabulous time

We just had the pleasure of going to Miami Fl to see the Hannah Montana concert. We were able to do this because of Disney and Events Made Ez. We started out by flying into Ft Lauderdale where a driver was waiting for us and took us to Wal-Mart to spend an out rageous amount of money on Hannah Montana stuff for me and the wish kids we were going to meet and take with us to the concert.
We were able to meet Miley. She was so nice and took a couple minutes to talk with Meghan. It was so nice. Miley is an outstanding role model. Meghan gave her a autographed picture. Miley said "Thank You that is so nice". They talked about the show a bit and I thanked her for doing a benefit show for an Extreme Home Makeover family, which will air Feb 10th. I know how important that is because we know first hand how much that helps a family.

I can't even begin to tell you the rest of the stories.

I can't thank Disney and Events Made Ez enough for the experience.

God Bless