Saturday, March 1, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover in MA


So I got out of the hospital on Thursday night and Friday morning I went to Maynard Ma to see my buddies from Extreme Home Makeover. I was soooo excited to see Paulie. I miss him so much. I also so my buddies Tonya, Michael, and TY. I got to talk to Ty and he videod it. AND I got to meet Paige, the designer that always wears PINK. I got to go in the house as they were finishing it. It is so cool. I can't tell you what is inside it but you should really watch this story.

I got to sit in the star trailer with Michael, Paige, and Paulie to watch the family go thru the house and see their expressions. That was cool.

I think besides seeing Paulie the other best thing is they made me "TRANSPO CAPTIAN".
They gave me a walkie talkie and I was in total control of the transportation team. I got to send drivers to do all kinds of things. I got to help the designers get things they needed and send it to them. I think I want to work for them and travel with them.

Bye for now. Meghan