Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dennis Walters Show


This is my new friend Dennis Walters. He is cool. He is paralized from the waist down. But he can still play golf. He has a special golf cart with a chair that turns and has a big belt that holds him there and he can golf sitting down. He does a show that teaches people to NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. Just what I always say. Check out

I also met another new friend. Joanne O'Keefe. She brought us there to meet Dennis. We stayed in a hotel and my room opened right up to the indoor pool. It was cool. I went swimming at 7 am. She is a nice lady. We had fun. She knows alot of people. Check out and she works with both of those.


Anonymous said...

It is awesome to see new friends enjoying each other.

You must have learned the message that Dennis is teaching!!!

Keep trying!!!

Wow! The Fun & Sun Club of South Florida is growing - let's meet in Florida between Christmas & New Year's for Lobsters - tell all the members to come.

See you in the pool!

Anonymous said...

All your readers should know that Dennis Walters will receive the PGA's Distinguished Service honor on 8/6/2008 at the Professional Golf Association's (PGA) dinner in Detroit. It is the highest honor that they have for cause related work.

Dennis' program "Catch Golf's Spirit" is a big hit with kids and adults.

Florida loves you Richardson girls