Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Check This Out.

This is my friends web site. www.sammyrotman.com Please check it out and pray for her as her cancer is back. She is tough and I know she will work hard at it. Thank you Meghan


Anonymous said...

We know Sammy too. We certainly are wishing good things for her family. I hope you are having a very very fun Summer. We think of you often. Any time you are in the Concord area we would love to see you.You can alway call my cell 369-1267. Lindsey is doing great. You probably would not recognize her. She has fattened right up! Take care,Love, Sandy McLaren

Anonymous said...

Prayers & good wishes are being sent out today with lots of LOVE. We will also send a large dose of energy!

I hope that this note finds the Richardson family doing well & enjoying the simmer

Love from Florida