Monday, October 20, 2008

Meghan receives a special award.

This evening Meghan was presented with an award from Children's Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD). It goes as follows.....

In recognition of your outstanding support of CHaD's commitment to providing outstanding, compassuibate care fir tge region's children and their families, this certificate is presented to:
Meghan Richardson

She is very excited about it. They gave it to her because she is always willing to go anywhere at anytime and talk about the outstanding care she receives here at CHaD. This week while being and inpatient here she did a video that will be played at the NH Baseball Dinner on Nov. 22 and she spoke at a freinds of CHaD Board meeting.

I am proud of her.


Anonymous said...

Meghan Congratulations on your award.
We are very proud of you! You are a great role model. Keep up the good work. Love, Susan and ez

Anonymous said...

Great Job! You always amaze me at how much you are willing to do for others.

Mrs. D

Anonymous said...

Such a cool award for a very cool girl. Very proud of you Meghan, you ROCK! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan :),

Congrats on the award! We've been thinking of you and hope you are able to go home really soon.

Lots of love,

your friends on Wentworth Street

Anonymous said...

Meghan, I am so happy for you and appreciate all you do for CHAD. Paige sends a big hug from afar. Love you, Gram C Max.

Anonymous said...

The award went to the right person this year.

Congratulations for making a difference in the lives of many others - AWESOME!

I am very proud of you Meghan Richardson. You are a refreshing inspiration to keep doing things for others.

Proud to be your friend,