Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You will never guess who called me.

My friend Dennis Walters and his new dog Mr. Bucky called. Mr. Bucky can add and answer questions with answers that are numbers.

Well Mr. Bucky was asked by Meghan how much is 3 + 2 and he barked out 5. She asked how many tires on a golf cart he barked 4. How many fingers on a humans hand ..he barked 5. He was asked how old are you..he barked 1.

You can google Dennis Walters Golf Show. His story is awesome.

I can't wait to go see them again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is really something!!!!

The DOG called you - WOW!!!

I am seeing the Dennis Walters golf show & I'll get to see Mr Bucky at work - and I am going to ask him to call me ... I don't think that he will call because I'm over 15!

Love from Florida & keep WARM!