Monday, April 14, 2008

CF clinic visit 4/14/08


People have asked us to post Meghan's medical updates. So I will do it every 3 months, as that is when we do our clinic visits with her medical team.

Today was our April visit. All reports are good so far. Good weight gain 25.7kg to 27kg, good lung functions FEV1 160, good diabeties numbers btw 70-135 with occasional high spikes. We have some lab stuff coming back next week that tests her Kidney functions. Some of the meds she is on can affect the kidneys. Let's pray it doesn't. So all in all a good visit.

Daddy met us up there for a meeting afterwards to map out her current and future plans. Ya know those hormones are coming. Yippeeeeeee I can hardly wait.

Well that is all for now.