Saturday, April 26, 2008

Show for Kristen's Gift/CHaD Update

Hi All

So I was totally exhausted today and just slept. Meghan was even very quiet today. Imagine that.

Well as most of you know last night was our 3rd Annual "Come Together" show. This year we chose to raise the funds for the pediatric cancer dept. at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth so all funds raised went to Kristen's Gift. To learn more about it just google it.

The past two years we raised $1900, $2365, and this year our goal was $3000.

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We raised $4610.00 and we still have a few checks coming in.
So we are so excited.

It was a fabulous show. All the girls and audience had alot of fun. Meghan challenged me to wear a cocktail dress, steletto heels, and fishnet stockings. So I did. Meghan did the intro and brought me out on stage with Miss NH Rachel Barker and she taught me the Miss NH Strut.
Yeah ok you can stop laughing now. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although I had the shoes off before I left the stage. I did keep the dress on as Meghan wished. I will have pictures up here as soon as I get them.

The story of the night is not that. It is that the show was in HONOR and MEMORY of a very special girl named Paige. She lost her battle to cancer at the age of two and 1/2. She and Meghan were good friends. Paige always had a smile on her face. She always shared. She just lived life to the fullest each day with a smile. She taught me that even though life is not easy, you can still have a smile and do your best. She taught me that a smile can really change a person's life.

Thank you Paige.

So in Paige's name we will donate all the money raised. It is still coming in so I will give you the final totally next week.


Anonymous said...

GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It takes people like the Richardson family to make a difference in today's world

We all salute the efforts & lifestyle of the Richardson's

The world is a better place thanks to you two.

Most inspiring! You should be very proud